ALLi Member Milestones

ALLi Member Milestones


Author Member: Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst's latest novel, When the Moon was White, was published in autumn 2022. He has had stories, articles and poems published in literary magazines, journals and newspapers in California, South Africa and London.


I launched my novel at a local pub on a Wednesday afternoon to about 25 people in the ‘Americana’ group of the local U3A (University of the Third Age). The audience demographic of over-60s was just right: my novel features the Moon Race and music from the Sixties. The group seemed to enjoy the extracts I read, and the Beatles, Herman’s Hermits and Beach Boys tracks.

Why are you proud?

I worked on my novel for nine years, and here was a group of local readers who listened to my words, asked interesting and intelligent questions, and afterwards bought some books.

What have you learned?

Not to panic before my next reading. The people who come want to hear what I have to say.