When the Moon was White

When the Moon was White

In 1965, Samuel Thwaite moves to Goodmews, a laid-back town known for its strikingly bright moon. He persuades the residents to let him set up the Moon Centre, which will celebrate the town and link it to the Space Age...

Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst

When the Moon was White is Jeff’s first novel since Bachelor Butterflies, which garnered the following reviews:

‘A strangely compelling narrative’ – The Sunday Times.

‘Stark, and compelling storytelling... A very strong atmosphere of anomie but with a dash of hope. To create atmosphere in a story is a commendable thing and I found the book a good, if short lived companion.’ – John Hegley, poet.

‘Wonderfully written… It held and intrigued me' – Tony Peake, novelist.

When the Moon was White is set in the sixties, the decade of the Space Race. In the story, which is serious at its core but whimsical in its prose, three people meet while working at the Moon Centre in a laid-back American town. When they realise that the Centre has become a cover for their boss’s plan to use a rocket to spread paint over a giant moon crater, they find themselves reacting to the plan, and to each other, in their distinct ways.

Jeff is American and has lived in London since 1990 with his South African wife.



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